After movie (Picture abhi baaki hain)

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After movie
“He could have done this better” says Anna
“Are.. I have that herione’s sweater” replies Anita

Anna argues “Why did he beat the villain.. Stupid fellow he died”
Anita agrees “Yea..And the way that silly heroine cried”

Anna shouts “How do they come up with such a lame climax..”
Anita agrees “It was not climax. It was anti-climax”

“Whoever sings and dances like that on roads” Anna enacts
Anita laughs “And yes! That mother in the movie, how much she overacts”

Anna concludes “Weird .. how people direct such stupid movies”
Anita says “Yes, next time, we will read reviews and go..”
“All because of you .. I told you we will go to a nice one”
Anna punches Anita’s shoulder
“Oh shut up.. with your tantrums, whoelse would have won”

And.. the laughter and the fun continues..
*Certainly one of the 101 things I like – dissecting the movie after watching it*
*My cousins and I used to even fight*

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