BCD of bloggers meet


BCD of the bloggers meet

B-Blog. Belong.


D-Dialogue. Discussions.

Hyderabad Bloggers are a small but strong community. Some of the bloggers from Hyderabad have flown to other cities and some of them come from other cities to our meets. It is always encouraging to meet like-minded people—not only for the feeling of belongingness and the feeling of euphoria for “writing for oneself” but also to meet the faces living in their virtual residence.

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.- Mother Teresa, Nobel Prize – peace

Bloggers are usually piece-ful, literally and figuratively.  For the genuine bloggers it is a natural way of living. Like good neighbours, they peek into each other’s virtual home, understand the different points of view, share it and opine.



And the best way to do it offline is chai or a cupcake and conversations.  That’s when you are talking with ellipses inserted; with pauses and with mindless “you-knows” or multiple “ohh.” You show your imperfect side that you’ve carefully tucked in the drafts of your blog.

Growing comfortable, your mind is free of any inhabitations and that’s when dialogue takes place and soon it runs into lengthy discussions where everyone talks and later acts.

Hyderabad Bloggers Meet OSS

Still wondering: what where why how etc.. then visit us at  the fourth Hyderabad bloggers meet where we will have the BCD and sessions by bloggers with different tastes and purpose for blogging.

Event details:

PC: Subhorupji from earlier blogger meets at Hyderabad

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