Music for Children of the 80s/90s


Hair let loose, naked feet and dressed vibrantly,
Rageshwari runs around the beaches, walks in the streets with a back pack,
Photographs kids and then gets kissed by one of the cute kids.
Yes! The song “Duniya” by Rageshwari.

Dressed elegantly in white, a crown on her forehead,
Seated majestically with two well-built dark skinned bodyguards on
the either side of her throne and
she walks away with well-chiseled Milind Soman at the end.
Yes! Alisha and the song “Made in India”

In the sun-kissed morning of Varanasi,
“Dhoom” mischievously grins one
And others dressed similarly clad in white and dressed like a
Semi-urban, semi-gypsy completes the meaningless phrase.
And the one minute trailer stops.
Teasing us, the song finally is aired after a month.
Yes! The band Euphoria and song Dhoom Pichak Dhoom.
Their band had launched Vidya Balan too,
metamorphosising her from the
“defective” piece in Hum Paanch.
And also, Rima Sen, was featured in the song “Maeri.”

And of course, the band “Silk Route” [Thanks Anand for correcting me]
And their song “Dooba Dooba” sung under the sea, hit the chartbusters
And Mohit Chauhan, the lead singer, now famous for
“Pee loon” from the film, Once upon a time in Mumbai
And most of the songs from the film, “Rockstar.”
They were such a wonderful band.

And, a class apart LUCKY ALI.
The nomadic life, the life of a woman after her beloved death,
Between the pyramids of Egypt, or travelling in the trucks,
Lucky Ali’s voice touched a chord of the heart.
His voice had some charm which would
make you sit through the entire song.

And, the Band, Aryans, which captured simple moments
and made them
Endearing to the audience.
In restaurant, apartments,
they captured those sweet-nothings,
so well.
Even, Shahid kapoor was featured in one of their songs,
There was some kind of beauty in these songs.

Simple lyrics, great narration and the innocence portrayed beautifully.
Like you’ll never return to childhood,
You will never listen to these songs being aired today on MTV.
Perhaps, the sweetness of every generation
lies in the mystic secret of the music they listen to.
And this music certainly captured the
awesomeness of the people born in the late 80s and early 90s.

There is one song, which remains undoubtedly my favourite
And here is the video:
I listened to it so many times and the song
always seemed fresh and new.

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