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An insecure middle class husband; a miserly father; a great friend to an animal or a employee buttering his boss. Name any role and Telugu Actor Rajendra Prasad has portrayed it differently. With his average looks and blowing a fresh breeze of comedy in the 80s, Rajendra Prasad had become a household name in every Telugu Middle Class Family.

In an era, when both the man and his wife worked hard [mostly in a bank] to make both ends meet, Rajendra Prasad added spice and fun to the mundane life with his acting. He has done thorough justice to the vision of directors like Jandhyala. His movies are usually based in houses or offices, which most middle class families can relate to. His apprehensions, his confusion and above all, his new perspective to films, made him entertaining and a “true hero.”
He empathised, he understood and most importantly, he viewed common problems in a lighter vein.

His most unforgettable role according to me is the role of the husband, which he plays differently every time. The variety he brings to the 70mm screen in commendable. Be it Appa Rao—Rajendrudu or the imitation of a miserly father-in-law (Kota Srinivas Rao), Rajendra Prasad has done it all, perfectly. The scripts he chose was commendable. In movies like Aha Na Pellanta where brilliant actors, Brahmanandam (his debut) and Kota Srinivas Rao among them, Rajendra Prasad had sketched his own success.

Often known for the miserly-like characters, Rajendra Prasad had set new bars for actors and encouraged “making a fool of oneself.”
The movies such as Rendu Rellu Aaru, Donga Kollu, Kobbari Bondam, Iddaru Pellala Muddula Police, April 01st Vidudhala, Rajendrudu Gajendrudu, Quick Gun Murugan are some of the remarkable comedy roles played by Rajendra Prasad.

An engineer by degree, Rajendra Prasad at the age of 19, decided to pursue his passion. I’m glad he did. After Brahmanandam, Telugu Film Industry is blessed to have Rajendra Prasad (I feel). He has sketched a new genre for actors in the 80s. When most people liked to don the Superhero-like characters, Rajendra Prasad did characters which any simple Telugu middle class Family could relate too.

*His movies can be watched and thoroughly enjoyed any time, if you know Telugu*
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