Th1rteen R3asons How to Stay Alive and Get What You Want


A lot of ‘literate’ people object to the content of the series: #Th1rteenR3asonsWhy The literates who pose away at gaudy parties. The literates lost in the glimmer of daily lives. The literates who bully each other with their awkward display of possessions undermining other’s. But one would say: my life. my choice.

Absolutely it is your choice of you as long as are not the noose for someone. Loneliness makes one sensitive. Perhaps some of us don’t show it.

Thirteen tried and tested ways suicide survivors turned into go-getters:
1. Take pictures when you are low. Tell the world. Even if they don’t care. Th1rteenR3asonsWhy was a loud firecracker in the well of the needy. Everyone paid attention. They will to you too.
2. No one is happy 24*7. They are poses. When people are happy they travel to a parallel universe without a camera. If they indeed happy all the time, they need the next ward.

3. All our wrists have been slashed by the shrapnel of fate. Listen to other’s too when you tell your story. Be their angel as they will be yours.
4. Dump those self help books. Don’t count your blessings — no more. Write a list of everything and everyone that hurt you. Confront it. Confront them.

5. Meditate on the things you truly love. Pursue them. Close that motivational book. Now. We have read enough. Time to pursue.

6.Stitch wings to your own hips. Don’t let anyone make a tear in them. Fly. Soar high.

How? In another post.

7. Seek out. Because when people say they are busy doesn’t mean they are. Most of the times, Busy means ‘stuck in traffic’ or ‘playing a game’ or in a ‘meeting at some dead-end job’ People who are onto to something truly take time out.

8. Write your journal everyday. In an article in Writers Digest, Healing Writing found a two-page space. In an interview with therapists, the common opinion was ‘Nothing makes you feel good like art. So write, draw, paint.’ Let those emotions take shape.

9. A wise man is a library. Or a wise woman. Occasionally include mentors, people with a wisdom of Yoda or Master Shifu or Master Oogway, in your list of ‘people to speak with.’


10. We cannot avoid the negative energy. But we can always negate it with inspiring people amongst us. Freida Kahlo. Or a super achiever friend. Don’t treat their achievements with annoyance. Celebrate. Clap. Genuinely. And aspire to reach there and higher.

11. Draft your own story. Don’t stencil it out from fairly similar ones. We are unique. Accept it.

12. It’s okay if you don’t make each day count. If you walk at a snail’s pace it’s cool. What matters is, you need to keep walking. But don’t let everyday be a snail day. Be a horse, donkey on the rest of the days. Sabbath day is once a week for a reason.

13. Choose your own Sabbath day! For every minute of work you put, someone else is going further. Doesn’t mean you need to run and catch up but remember that.
These are pointers after interviews with survivors who are now, go-getters.
They can. You can.


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