Things I learn from my mother

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Despite myself, I always end up myself writing about mothers and their contribution. My cousins and I have been blessed with mothers who have balanced professional life and domestic life with such finesse even before the advent of work-life balance concept that I felt a post as an ode to them should be typed.

Firstly, my aunts and my mom are teachers. I know for a fact that each of them love their job and are mothers not only to my cousins and me but also to many children.

While some of the below mentioned qualities will apply to many teacher-mothers but here are few that I know my mother does possess with grace and it will take a couple of lifetimes for me to get there.

Honesty and sincerity

My mother’s endurance fits perfectly in the definition of patience and her warmth. But she never resists from speaking her mind and being honest, come what may. She has burnt the midnight oil lamp with me during my school and graduation days completing her lesson plans and writing about each student of hers with love and sincerity. She used to complete house work and then her school work.

This is true for all my aunts. I still remember summer holidays when my aunt, Asha would gather in my grandma’s house and correct papers or my aunt, Sridevi who would be as strict with her children who were her students during +2 at college or my aunt, Saroja who would never miss a tuition class at her home or my aunt Hemalatha who has been an exemplary yoga teacher.

Praise and criticism

Mother has praised me generously for my work. At the same time, she has never ceased from criticizing me. It cost me a few extra bucks once. It was during my final year when she suggested that I come up with a collection of poetry for my father’s birthday give it to my relatives. Since I had no knowledge in printing. I went to the printer who binded my project book during the final semester of engineering.

I was unsure what went wrong, the book came out very bad looking. But I thought it would be fine. Mother reprimanded me and made me do the work again with formatting and typesetting. Almost 200-300 pages. I can never forget that incident.

Enthusiasm and exuberance

My mother’s warm smile can light up a room, my friends tell me always. I think that’s true. She has smiled despite her many problems and she deserves an armchair if not standing ovation for that. She has been enthusiastic about many endeavours of mine and also is always interested to learn about my friends.

Her advice on many matters proved the idiom “God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers” true!


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