.. at the Library


Vrijesh, strained his eyes
traversing through
the huge bookracks
which kissed the ceiling.
Kiss? No one seemed to mind.
Public kissing was allowed here.

In his small town in Odisha,
he had seen people kissing
each other behind
hillocks till someone shouted
‘Eiiii Ki Korchooo.. Badmash toka’
and they ran behind them with a
its one end hanging with
a loose safety pin.

Vrijesh couldn’t even talk to a woman,
leave alone touching one.
He was like a cone flower,
a flower that looks like a
hybrid of the inverted
shuttle cock
and a sunflower.

He was a proffessunall at being a sye bai.

Now, the library was his Church
where he worshiped the
editors, publishers,
and writers who created
more than three worlds
in his mind.

Jai Jagonnaaath! he whispered to himself
as he picked the next book.

Note: Trilok is a concept in Hinduism.

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