Draupadi and Krishna

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Draupadi yearned for Krishna but could not marry him as he felt her purpose was different among other reasons.

This is an experimental poem. Invite to open-minded people only.


“We cannot belong to each other”

Yet, you stare at through me!

Gobble my conscience with your naked eyes

Letch upon the straights, curves, rounds, flats

Make love, without a pinch or a touch

and consciously decide, molesting our desires

“No! we must not belong to each other”


We cannot belong to each other,
We cannot belong to any body.
We are forces of Nature,
that belong to the whole of creation.

You are like the wind,
transparent, yet inscrutable,
all around, yet intangible;
I am the ocean,
silent, yet inapproachable,
deep and bottomless.

Our togetherness is limited,
to rubbing against each other;
Yet when we come together,
we create waves.
that go out
and erase all those footprints
and return the world
back to Nature.

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