You and I

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Poem: You and I

Through the shimmering braces, your dazzling smile
And those kohl-ed eyes, hidden under the burden of your spectacles,
Often gorging on books, you hardly look away for a while

Gazing at you, as you turn one page to another,
Perhaps you are aware of my presence
Else, none, while reading physics would shiver

Ah! the first time you wore a jazzy dress
Like a sunflower with white spots,
You looked in your polka-dot mess
Oiling your hair, tying a long plait,
For the tuition teacher, oft together we’d wait
Gathering all the courage,
I asked you a question on a subject once
You took my book to solve but saw my solved answer
Bewildered! You never spoke hence.

That first touch
Faking there’s some dirt on your cheek,
I wiped it intermittently
You blushed throughout
Perhaps, you guessed, it was done intentionally

Wonder what happened when you blossomed,
Like a chiseled caricature, your features sharp
Your fingers long, and mine, as they touched yours, shivered
Your hair long and the oil performed its perfumed miracles.

Like a scene of a movie,
dressed to perfection,
You stood in my vacant balcony
Like a flash of scenes, I reminisced the braces-smeared teeth,
Your nose, with a little bump cos of the weight of your spectacles
And your lips, always smiling and
……many a times, shivering
Like now, as mine touch yours
Testimony for your longing
and mine…

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