25 years of togetherness

Note: An interview taken on their 25th anniversary. Re-posted from my other, now defunct, blog, here

This is a interview, I conducted for my mom and dad on their 25th marriage anniversary:
In conversation…
How were 25 years of marriage?
Mom: I was first very scared of your Dad’s serious face. As days passed, I came to know how caring he is. When I was pregnant I used to live in my mother’s home, he used to come and meet me daily.
Dad: Our love has gradually moved from 0 to 100%. We did not even know each other in the beginning. We were scared.
Mom: but now, I cannot live without your Dad. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I need to feel his presence In the past 25 years, I have seen how much love he has within in him, for everybody around him. He does charity secretly. Only when we get an occasional CRY card or a mouth and foot artistes painting card, I come to know what all he has done for the needy. Since past 25 years, I am able to learn new things about him.
What is the best thing about your spouse?

Mom: The best part is he always has stood by me, no matter what, comforting me, when I had leg problem, he tried every possible method to get a cure. He never gave up though those methods failed. He told me we must always be positive. We have spend a lot of money on my leg problem but he never got angry or frustrated. He is very hopeful that something will happen.
Dad:She is very determined and it shows in all her activities. When we got married she had to leave her graduation mid-way as we got transferred but after marriage. But, she persisted and soon completed her graduation. She also secured a teacher job because of her determination. Now, she is trying hard to lose the extra fat by going to gym despite her severe leg problem. Hats off to her determination.


Best moments:
Mom: When you were born. Life for us started al over again. Even our transfer to Pune, Delhi and Ahmedabad made our relation stronger. Though we never had any of the luxurious amenities like a fridge, television but we had each other. The long walks together. The talks we had. We understood each other better by the day.
Dad: and those white flowers in Pune. We had a very good time together. Every day we used to go out somewhere or the other. I had a very nice bike as well.
One thing which you cannot do without your spouse:
Mom: I cannot take any decisions without him. He has to be there. I feel incomplete without his involvement.
Dad jokes: I cannot run the house without her. I cannot cook . I need her for food
Mom and Dad echo: 25 years of marital bliss couldn’t have been possible without being positive towards each other and our respective extended families. Never have we spoken against our families.
Mom concludes: He has always been involved in my maternal side as if it were his own family. He helped us solve many problems. He is a great husband and a son-in-law.
Dad quickly adds: She is a great wife and daughter-in-law.
That’s it folks! Hope you liked my interview :)