Healthy Breads and Brownies (July 2014, Wow Magazine)

Healthy Bread


Headline: healthy breads and brownies

Introduction: For those of you who associate breads and baked eatables with not-good-to-eat-everyday food, Light green oven breaks your myth by offering a wholesome menu of health and taste.

 Article: Often brownies, breads, pastries are associated with unhealthy food. Many fitness freaks avoid scrumptious cakes, brownies..

But what if the brownies, breads, are filled with good health? Welcome to Light Green Oven, a online store which offers: Organic whole grains bread, organic whole wheat and ragi  brownies ,vanilla cakes ,cinnamon banana loaf, assorted stuffed whole grain buns among others.

Shipra Chenji, the founder has been practicing baking and experimenting with various healthy baked items before she started Light Green Oven in January 2014 with a motto to bake breads with passion and love.

And thus keeping good health in mind, Light Green Oven use real, better-for-you ingredients is used  in their products. There is no use of preservatives, stabilizers, or any chemicals in the products.

“The grains we use are organically produced .We do not use refined flours . The idea is to eat without harming your body and compromising on health at the same time being kind to the environment.” Shipra adds.

The future plans for Light Green Oven include starting a cafe soon which will serve flat bread, smoothies and salads. It will also have a counter for organic supplies and forgotten foods Black bean and millet salad; Millet pulao in capsicum; Jhangora ( barnyard millet);  phirni; Bajra  choori among others.


To order, log onto their Web site: 24 hours in advance  or just sms 939 104 6862 and place your order. For regular updates: .