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Introduction: With a motive to encourage Hyderabadis to adopt a fit and a healthier lifestyle,


Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club is organizing it’s fifth edition of the Hyderabad Triathlon on October 12, 2014. Wow catches up with them to learn more about this traithlon


Article: Hyderabad Trialthlon, a multi stage continuous competition of the trio: swimming, running and cycling, started off as a small event initiated by Greater Hyderabad Adventure Club.

It was first held at a small swimming pool in a club near Secunderabad on July 31, 2011. But with the encouraging response, they had participants from different parts of the country and have organized four triathlons. The last one was on Oct 20th 2013 with 630 Participants.. Now with their fifth edition to be held on October 12, 2014 at GMC Balayogi Stadium, Gachibowli, they expect a turnout of over 1000 registration. With a motive to create an awareness about Triathlon and encourage a healthy lifestyle, the Triathlon was initiated thus Hyderabad Triathlon is the India’s largest Open Category Triathlon event.

Mr. Deepam, Chief Coordinator says “Already we have received over 200 registerations from out of Hyderabad, we are yet to open registrations for Hyderabad. Also this Triathlon will see the introduction of a new category – 3/4 Iron – to facilitate the die-hard athletes of the city to push their limits and challenge their physical & mental endurance levels.”

What are the different levels at the Triathlon?

There are different levels in the triathlon challenge to test one’s physical and mental ability to endure stress and pain. Some of the categories are: Novice Triathlon (8 Kms – Cycling ; 2 kms – running ; 300 mts – swimming); Olympic Triathlon (1.5 kms – swimming ; 40 kms – cycling ; 10 kms – running) and for those who have completed atleast one Olympic triathlon or Half Marathon can participate in 1⁄2 Iron (1.9 kms – swimming; cycling – 90 kms; running – 21.1 kms) and 3⁄4 Iron for those who have completed 1⁄2 Iron. Along with triathlon, they also have duathlon that involves continuous completion of cycling and racing.

Who can participate?

Anyone from the age of 5 can participate. But do take care of a few things while participating.

Mr. Deepam advises “Don’t attempt without min requirement for higher category. You may injure yourself. People assume swimming to be easy & expect that they will master swimming in these 3 months. Do cross training – i.e. keep changing swim , run , cycle on daily basis. Do not train for only one thing on consecutive days.”

Also, there are first aid measurements being taken and credible doctors are available during the Triathlon.

For further details, check: http://www.hyderabadtriathlon.com/