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First book, first day of school, first day of college, first date are the most memorable ones. When my poetry collection got released amidst my loved ones, it was euphoric.

The poetry collection is a labour of love of the past seven years and this collection is an ode to my family and friends who have been supportive through out. The poems in this book are a journey through various roads of life walked and documented sitting by the window.  One could read a sample here an click on the below cover page to own a copy!

The book is available on kindle too


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Reviews of my book:

Nivedita’s poetry resonates the joy of life, the value of family, the blessing of nature and the companionship of strangers who we tend to ignore in the humdrum of our mundane lives. Her choice of words makes the poetry and monologues mellifluous.Writing by the Window is book which will give the readers a new experience and an insight into the love called life.

Aparajita Dutta, Research Scholar, Comparative Literature

The strong after-taste of ‘Writing by the Window’ is one of a deeply felt memoir; ‘a spontaneous overflow of powerful emotions’ as Wordsworth called poetry. And Nivedita, we can sense, is firmly planted at the window in her house; looking without but mostly looking within room.

 - Sakshi Nanda Writer and Blogger

Nivedita’s poems gave me those still moments of reflection. Another interesting aspect of this collection is the sheer diversity in theme and emotions that keeps you guessing. “House no 4, street number ten” transported me to my own battered house in my village in Orissa and “Why did you swallow the last breath, Grandpa” pierced my heart. “Menstrual cycle of the pen” was a celebration of human imagination while “Hanif Qureshi” made me jump out my bed. I had never before encountered suspense in a poetry.  - Creative Mind, An Australian ezine


I will iterate that I loved reading the book, and if you are keen to reading through various emotions do read the book. - Kaushal Gupta, Blogger


A book of variety, from the painful profound question the author asks of her deceased grandfather in her poem “Why did you swallow the last breath, Grandpa?” – to her successful experimentation with Jorios in “Feast of Roses,” Nivedita’s words raise the reader’s consciousness around all topics she writes about and are truly worthy of praise.-Christina Cowling has been editing books since several years. She is part of groups that provide support for women who suffer domestic abuse.


Nivedita’s poems are direct, punching and for the most, they touch/influence even a casual reader. She has the ability of churning out an impressive poem from an almost oblivious inspiration. Be it about a lifeless object, a person, a translation, a mythological or a Haiku, She can effectively transform words into a beautiful piece leaving the reader wanting for more! - Jatin Kuberkar is the author of “While I was waiting” (Leadstart Corp). He has been the finalist of the poetry Award: Rabindranath Tagore Award for Poetry.


Nivedita is a poet who writes with her heart. Her poems have a freshness of a petrichor, woven with an earthy fragrance of feelings, emotions and experiences. She is a blend of vivaciousness and creativity. Her poems” House no 4, street no ten” “Why did you swallow the last breath, grandpa” shows her deep love for her family. She is a natural poet and some of her poems showcase the day to day wanderings of people and the wonders of nature perfectly. It is a privilege to know this budding poet, who touches everybody’s life with her pen and thoughts. - Sunita Prasad, A teacher by profession and a poet when the moods take hold of her thoughts. She has been published in many anthologies, worldwide. You can catch her at her blogs alcove and musings.

Being a photographer myself, I keep documenting and capturing life and moments around me. It has become my practice sharing some good images with Nivedita for her feedback. And every time I share an image I get my feedback not in words but words woven in beautiful lines and sometimes in the form of poetry. I try to capture the emotions and Nivedita tries to adds life for my images. My happiness has no bounds when I feel my images evoke so much of emotion. I feel really happy that my images speak. - Chandrasekhar Singh or Sekhar bhaiyya as he is fondly called has been awarded the Nat-Geo Award (photography) – 2012. He has been a hobbyist photographer since the 1990s and his collection of photographs is a time machine in itself. He mentors amateur photographers and has conducted a photography workshop for the visually challenged.





Thank you so much for all your wishes, comments and blessings.

Couple of Initiatives taken were mentioned in few publications, here is a link to the same: In News

Here is a list of anthology contests where my poems were selected.  [Click on the cover to know more]

Inklinks (January 2013)

Mosaic: A Musings [Poetry Collection]


Restless Fingers : Ninety six pages of unpublished poems.

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Anthologies 1: A collection of poems by four poets: One from Germany two from Meerut, UP and one, me :).


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