A Letter to R:Reema

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Dear Reema,

Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health. After reading your ebook, The Postbox: A Letter for Every letter, over many Indian monsoon evenings in July 2016, I drifted to the grief over the last telegram sent on a Sunday in the July of 2013. It was a death of fast communication that an entire generation had depended on.

With fading away of letters, it worried me if our stoic font-driven email letters could communicate our true feelings.

Yes, emails are easy to communicate but the striking off the letters, the stickers we put, the doodling in the margins is irreplaceable. As a friend and I once discussed, letters are time machines that transport our feelings over a period of time and the emotions that you feel today can be re-lived a decade later too. And emails that are written with similar fervor and passion reflect emotion.

Your ebook reassured it, Reema. Your writing is an alloy of a blog and an email letter. It makes it endearingly personal yet it addresses all of us. The quotes you’ve interspersed and the variety of subjects in the letters: From inanimate objects to ideas to people you love, each letter is written with your ubiquitous zeal.


Addressing yourself in various avatars, you have made the book, interesting. Having re-read Anne Frank’s Diary and watched the movie, your first letter made me nostalgic. You are right, Anne taught us many lessons in her short life.

I nodded my head while reading the letter to books and feeling assured that today’s generation will never stop reading.

In your words, With every book I have read, I have travelled to a different place. From the lands where animals spoke, to the land of magic potions, witches and wizards, to the time when humans would live on a planet other than the earth.

Your letter to choices, opportunity, made me feel that they were people, indeed. Your letter and the photos you placed in your letter to your Dad, JK Rowling, Mom and friends introduced me the sensitivity in you.

I absolutely adored your letter to Hubbali, a city in Karnataka, and the serenity in the picture accompanied by the tranquility in your letter.

And I commend you for choosing the right letters to each letter especially to he almighty and his gift to us: our imagination and writer’s block was apt.

Personally, letter to the letters X, Y and Z were an attractive section of the book. Primarily as I was curious on learning who or what would these letters be addressed to? I am tempted to mention it here but I want it to be a surprise for the ones who pick your book.

Lastly, I feel that this ebook is only a start of many books to follow. While your writing is fresh and is laced with an innocent charm, the stroke of experience will make it a delight to read in the future. And, as you grow, you will realize that this book will serve as a measure for you to pen your future books.

Yours faithfully,

A letter lover

PS: Dear theme designers and editors, you have done a good job of ensuring that the voice of Reema remains intact while chipping off the unnecessary parts. I can relate to that.

PPS: Dear cover designer, the cover page has an old world charm that makes the book, endearing.

Thank you dear blogchatter and Richa for organizing this wonderful carnival of ebooks.

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