lightening the year of darkness (2017) – The Dakiya Project

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whenever darkness descends, there is a ray of hope and light;

the light may be feeble but certainly with time, it goes bright

Dear Departed and Bereaved Soul(s),

We, on this planet of Earth, promise to observe your tenets. Your selfie-videos, your letters, your amulets, your anklets, your scraped knees, your torn letters, your unpeeled souls and your untouched bodies have a destination.

As your sister, saddened by the state of your being and a helplessness that I could not run from my couch and catch that glass of juice from entering your mouth.

4The Dakiya Project

PostMan and PostWoman are the middle class version of bartenders. You ghup-shup with them and you tell them your woes.

Shaguftha’s clinic, in association with Ammee’s Cafe and Abhigyan Art House, presents its initiative to encourage people to speak their heart out, irrespective of age, creed, caste, gender, nationality and so on.

We all ‘feel’ ‘emote’ ‘share’ in different ways: poetry, music, art. As we celebrate Mother Language Poetry on Jan 14 in Mount Santoshi Apartments; we open the floor to “Letter to my Hero” (it could be anyone – for me it is my parents, Bhagath Singh..)

Please feel free to use any language.


/this project is dedicated to Mounica who passed away because of a dowry case/





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