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I travelled an entire year from November 9 last year to November 9, 2014. It has been an year of book launches, events, lot of editing work and meeting people who added pages of their perspective to my book of life.

I look forward to more and hope that my book grows thicker and more volumes get added. Speaking of books, a few poems got published and the best news was that my poem was selected to be a mouth piece for an ngo in Kerala to support Irom Sharmila.

As I turn a year older tomorrow and reflect on the past one year, these are my reflections

1) Writing and editing on the subjects I care about – was published in anthologies that would be a mouth piece for a larger cause and also my paper got selected the at the Researchers at Work Conference – University of Hyderabad. The topic was publishing prose and poetry for social change.

On the freelancing front, did multiple stories on a day and this was my favourite: Manchi Pustakam. What an inspiration!


2) Edited/co-edited both at work and at Nivasini, work that I liked/loved/enjoyed/cared for/ and had a lot of good/learning/tiring at times time and yearn to do more.

Also launched a magazine called Neesah under a tree (The magazine is for everyone associated with the book and it is co-edited by Rochelle)



Subhorupji, the morning of the day our latest event, SoCh4 plus booklaunches


One my favourite books , “A Better World” also appeared in the newspaper. Read about it here: Of Mars and back home

Nov-10-2013 saw the launch of “Family Matters” and SoCh2

537338_565003143552829_172509890_n 1001584_565007843552359_1303785928_n
3) Met a lot of wonderful people and was amazed by their work – Thanks to SoCh

One of them being this man, Mahesh. He is the man behind, unclaimed bodies in Hyderabad. They bury as per the rituals an unclaimed bodies across Hyderabad, everyday. Their morning starts amidst mourning and tears.


Best compliment received at SoCh3:

Great work by Our Sacred Space in facilitating an event like Soch. It is truly an amazing concept and nothing short of being called the biggest “game changer” for the people of hyderabad.

4) Inculcated some discipline in my actions and plan to elevate too


5) This year was special as i wrote two books – both for my loved ones; the first one is a printed edition and the second is a handwritten one. I plan to do more of these for the people i care for the ones i love and for the causes that inspire me or the causes that affect me.

The handwritten one is reflection of “9″ where I wrote nine poems.

6) Organized and also attended few large events that changed my points of view and gifted me immense learning

10370360_356447941170698_7615263315645716718_n 10410138_356449314503894_8290034721078732821_n 10463010_356450094503816_8837722437295181816_nRaed Leaf poetry meet organized by a dear friend, Linda with Wang Ping, Rochelle among others

10599211_10152712715619276_5030052684543092687_nPublishing Next at Goa 2014

Aim to repeat many of these activities/revise a few of them and re-connect with a few that are incomplete.

Thank you everyone who were present/engaged and helped me learn a lot in the course of the past one year.

A huge Thank you to Sekhar Bhaiiyya and Family, Subhorupji and Family, Nayantara, Saptaparni, Our Sacred Space, Karuna, Jatin, Lighthouse and Family, Deepa Kiran & Family, Asrar, Cheryl, Sharoon Sunny, Meena ma’am, George, Frank, Christy, Paulami among everyone who got associated with me!

Pictures courtesy: Story Arts Festival, Raw Con,, Sekhar Bhaiiyya, Raed Leaf and Kakatiya team,

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