The Panther you read?

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I see you. Yes, you! You, who have been overwhelmed with books or book review requests. Your head spins at times at the mention of a new author. You think – would the characters be hollow? Would the editing…. Well never mind!

But, your heart races when you pick your books stacked in your shelf with believable characters – haughty girls, proud boys, school groups with a ‘sample’ of characters, ambitious parents, a personal tragedy, biased cricket coaches and like a rainbow, shines a tale of friendship.

What if I tell you that I read something as tasteful (like Ammamma’s lemon pickle) yet heart wrenching. A book whose characters live with you especially the protagonists–the naïve and butler English speaking Prabu who is extremely passionate about cricket, and the city-bred and Papadum King, Indika. Papadum? Yes, I told you their colloquial terms become yours too and their friends and relatives: Indika’s Thathi and Ammi, the group, Scorpian Five, Achala…etc. who hover around you for days.

Yes, Panther, written by Chhimi Tenduf-La (Part Tibetan and part English, and residing in Sri Lanka), is a coming-of-age story written in the back drop of cricket and the Sri Lankan War. When a fictitious terrorist group, Panther, sends the sensitive Prabu on a mission. What mission? What happens next? Go and read..

But read the excerpt below:

Indika dashed to him, crouching and holding his head. ‘Shit, are you okay, machan?’

Trying not tremble, Prabu spat out the blood.

‘My head is paining.’

‘You’d better retire hurt,’ Indika said.

Prabu felt his chin. This is not paining. I am too much strong. This not paining. ‘No. No. I wait a long time for this. I not go.’

Oh, shit the panties, this is bloody paining.



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