The pen is mightier than the keyboard

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..these are the words of a 2014 study by Psychological Science. Handwriting improves cognitive abilities and motor skills. Handwriting reveals your personality. Handwriting mirrors your uniqueness.

January 23 is the international handwriting day. Celebrated after John Hancock’s birth anniversary, an American revolutionary, this day urges you to post a note or a poem, handwritten.

Isn’t that why home cooked food tastes sumptuous too?


Celebrating this initiative,, a website that promotes and preserves handwriting has taken the initiative to solicit handwritten notes, poems or just alphabets around the world. Their initiative is unique and commendable. Here Telugu language and Greek language sit beside each other. Two shades of papers are juxtaposed. On a lighter note, I have urged many friends of mine to write in their native language and it is overwhelming to see them do it too.

A friend of mine, Bikash Rout, hasn’t written for years and this Odiya poem below is a transliteration of my Hindi poem.



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