Fiction Piece [2]


I hurriedly entered into the lift. It was full of people. Impatiently but quietly waiting for the lift to arrive at my floor. I was jerking my knee and humming a tune, without any rhythm. I was looking down. When  I heard a voice, mellifluous and sweet.

I wished I did not turn, but I did. Only to hear him sing. He sang without apprehension. The lift had atleast fifteen people and he had all the courage to sing. Rather shamelessly.

I was chewing gum, silently. But on hearing him continue to sing, my mouth stopped it’s job. My tongue would be angry again. I deprived it of the juice of the gum. I neatly rolled the gum in a paper and threw it.

As soon as we got down of the lift, others chuckled at his fearless stupidity—singing like a mad man. But he never cared. He walked in and sat in his chair.

I was passing by his seat when he stopped. He said “Why do you always do the wrong things?” He then laughed and said “that was my favourite song..”

I quickly went and sat in my seat, I plugged in the ear phones and listened to the song “Baavra mann…” I am unsure how many times I listened to it. I listened to it while working. I took a break in the middle to sip some tea but when I came back, I religiously listened to it again—replaying it.

The whole world was moving around me. I sat still.

Categories: Short Stories
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