My precious birthday gift

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Sanjay, my little cousin (in the picture below) wrote a story and also illustrated it.

There was a boy named Tin. He lived in a city called Owesomenille. He lived with his grandma dad mom and his sister. He saw jet cars outside his window .

The next day Tin went to school, Tin’s teacher talked about not using fossil fuels & we can run out of them. Tin was very inspired about solar power. He wanted to talk to his parents about using solar power on their roof tops. Tin got home in about 5 minutes all of the lights went off!!! Tin guessed that we used up all the fossil fuels … Tin was correct!! Tin parents had no clue what Tin was talking about.Tin explained everything

Right away dad ordered a bunch of solar panels. In a few minutes people came and fixed the solar panels on the roof tops others got inspired and used solar power. Tin’s parents was proud of Tin , he used sunlight to power his home and not using other resources¬† .

The end !!!

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