Of bruised knees and swollen fingers

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Her fingers were swollen and her back was bruised. Wearing her shirt over the marks on her back, and sliding the tunic slowly with her swollen fingers, she wore a smile on her face.

What a sunny morning!

She wore a sweater to cover her bruises. The other girls in the bus teased for her lack of fashion in clothing but she smiled back.

She chose to get down last. The driver shouted “Get down quickly.”

She tried hopping but she knew her knees might get bruised so she took his brunt instead.

In the lunch break, eating her tiffin all alone, she saw a girl crying all alone.

She walked up to her and asked “what is the matter.”

She said “nothing.. my mother did not give me my favourite tiffin”

She smiled and cajoled her to eat.

And wondered what it was to cry. For her tears had dried ages ago.

They were wet only when she was beaten the first time. After that her bones and muscles got used to the familiar pain.

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