Only if

25,000 cases accidents this  year in the city.
Read the Headlines of the most-selling newspaper.
It would have been 24,999 Rama Rao cynically thought.
But prayed for all those who suffered like him—
who woke up every day to hear their beloved’s voice but couldn’t!
To hear their daughter’s demands or their wife’s commands,
a pat from their father or a hug from their mother.

But it was impossible now!

Like him, they would live hoping it was a bad dream but the reminder in the paper brought the memory back as if someone woke him and placed him in the field of helplessness where he among many others lost their life’s meaning.

Who would he bring flowers for?

Who would demand Kheema cut neatly into small pieces on Sunday mornings?

Who would force him to take his BP medicines?

Who would hold his hand in the middle of her nightmare?

Who would request him not to shout at their children with a child-like innocence?

 For  50 years now, he got used to her.
After retirement, her happiness and her wishes became the fulcrum of his life.

The day of the accident,
he remembered how he demanded she prepared chicken for him.
Only if he did not.

She would not have crossed the road in a hurry so that she can be in time before the shop closes.

Only if the rash driver who took her away was more careful.

Only if the meat shop had a door delivery facility.

Only if he curbed his demands…

Only if….
 P.S.: The above story is keeping in view the abundant love our grandparents have for each other. 

Thanks to the readers of this blog. 
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