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Find what you love and let it kill you – Charles Bukowski

Isn’t that what life is all about? I came across a cartoon on Zen Pencils (one of my favourite websites – more on it, later!) and it lead me to this article in Guardian.

The article talks about finding the hidden artist within you and polishing him or her everyday–through the rigorous routine. If you are writer, join a club and write three pages of your novel, per week. If you are a musician, practice your piece. If you are… artist or a creator, just do it religiously.

You can fail at what you dont want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love. – Jim Carrey

Like Jim Carrey mentioned in the commencement speech at MuM, find what you can do the best and make it your devotion. He says, when I realised that I want to spend my whole life in freeing people from their concerns and I dubbed my whole life into the devotion of Church of FFC — Church of Freedom From Concern. What’s your devotion? What is that you can provide the world that your talent can provide?

Can you write stories? Can you sing a song? Can you paint?

Go, do it everyday sailing through the boredom of practice. It will reward you and mirror the reward that He has bestowed you with.





Thank you Aseem for this challenge.


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