Strangers (A Sonnet)

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Through the window I see you on the bed,
Chanting the brown-beads, hoping you stay alive
move your lips, “I have duties on my head”
slips a tear, awed how supreme connives

The other side, your loved ones, moan in pain
“I wish I could tell him I loved him, a lot”
“Wish once I could kiss on his forehead, hug him again”
And one prayed “we still have not tied the knot”

Wiser ones reminded “He had enough ”
“Let us hold our hands and pray together”
“Hope for the best, and gain strength in times, rough”
Wept and prayed intensely, hugged each other

Walk past these people, ‘fore I’ve never met
Strange! my heart aches and my eyes become wet

Sonnet is a form of poetry with a syllable count of ten in each line and the entire sonnet consists of 14 lines.

I have followed the format : a-b-a-b ; c-d-c-d ; e-f-e-f ; g-g

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